Operational Excellence

To remain competitive in a dynamic and challenging market, businesses must deliver high quality  products and services  while minimising costs and quickly responding to changes  in the market. Continuous improvement and business optimisation is critical for success and a necessity at  the forefront of your business agenda. The Operational Excellence practise at Capgemini Consulting  focus on realising  the improvement agenda of your business. We will optimise your business and increase your competitive advantage by  identifying , analysing and realizing  improvements in your supply chain and all your processes, with a particular focus on increased customer value, efficiency and quality . 
Capgemini Consulting works with our clients to increase their competitive advantage by reducing operating  costs, improving employee engagement and driving customer satisfaction by developing and achieving a continuous improvement culture. A key part of operational excellence is managing the supply chain. Our Supply Chain Management practice offers high-end management consulting services to help drive strategy formulation and execution, transform supply chains and accelerate results. Our areas of expertise include Planning, Logistics and Fulfilment, Operational Excellence, Lean, Procurement and Digital Supply Chain Transformation.
We have successfully completed numerous operational excellence projects for both global and local businesses, among these: 
 −Increased efficiency by 20% for a global oil and gas company
 −Decreased customer waiting time for pension handling by 30% for a Norwegian life insurance company
 −Increased sales capacity by 20% for a Norwegian P&C insurance company
 −increased the mortgage portfolio with over 1 billion NOK for a Norwegian finance Group

For more information, please contact
Gunnar Deinboll, Vice President/Head of Operational Excellence, gunnar.deinboll@capgemini.com, +47 992 44 649

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