Travel & Transport

There are a number of challenges facing the Travel &  Transport (T&T) industry in Norway. Among them are restructuring of infrastructure, increasing demands for a more environmentally sustainable industry,  increased  centralization of citizens and pressures on transport infrastructure, increased speed of road and railway construction, escalation of operation and maintenance, and more global competition and collaboration. In other words, is the interconnection of everyone with everything shaping the Travel & Transportation industry under the heading Hyperconnectivity.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

The above challenges call for significant organisational changes. Capgemini Consulting adds value to our clients through the design and transformation of global business and operating models. Based on deep industry expertise combined with profound strategy and transformation capabilities, Capgemini Consulting have provided advice to the top companies of this industry around the world over the last 30 years. Our team of consultants have developed  sound industry specific competence within the transport industry and combine industry knowledge with innovative digital technologies to deliver a unique business and technology transformation approach. 

Track Record and Value Delivery

In Norway, we have built significant experience and capabilities working with infrastructure authorities, postal and logistics companies and transportation providers within rail, road, aviation and shipping.
A combination of industry insights and leading transformation capabilities make Capgemini Consulting a unique partner for your company. Our collaborative approach has already delivered outstanding results for several major Norwegian Travel & Transport companies.

For more information, please contact

Sigmund Orholm, Head of Travel & Transport,, +47 928 11 397