The energy and utilities market is characterized by volatile power prices, tight regulatory control of grid operations and a retail market with intense competition. At Capgemini Consulting we believe the industry challenges over the next years will demand a focus on renewable energy, large investment requirements and associated funding needs, the corporate structure of grid operations and harmonization of the Nordic power energy and utilities market. We also believe that digitalization will transform and enable new business models for utility providers, both enabling and demanding increased efficiency through implementation of AMS and Smart Grid, but also impacting the customer experience through Smart Home solutions.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our Norwegian Utilities team is working with a number of the leading utility companies within a wide range of strategy and transformation related services. We work in all business areas, including production and grid operations, power trading, end-user sales as well as entrepreneur and telecommunications activities.  We collaborate closely with our clients on the design and implementation of corporate and business strategies; more specifically in relation to strategic direction, prioritization of corporate initiatives, digital and customer strategies, process improvements and organisational development, as well as M&A related issues.

Our team has developed in-depth expertise within the utilities industry, which we combine with innovative digital technologies to deliver a unique business and technology transformation approach.


Track Record and Value Delivery

Globally, Capgemini Consulting has more than 800 dedicated professionals, who have expertise across all segments of the value chain, from the business model challenges facing the utilities industry to the roll-out of AMS. Today, Capgemini Consulting provides services to 60 percent of the leading energy companies worldwide. Our global utilities network leverages the expertise we hold across national boundaries allowing us to engage the right subject matter expertise on each project, ensuring that we meet our clients'  needs.  A strong global culture focused on knowledge sharing, research and competence building, enable us to learn from others and capitalize on global best practices in the industry, giving our clients access to a broad knowledge base. 

For more information, please contact

Erik Barstad Hovdkinn,  Head of Utilities, erik-barstad.hovdkinn@capgemini.com, +47 480 95 135

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